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NBA fans: Did you see Chris Paul this year?

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You have a 36-year-old in his 16th NBA season who is supposed to be in the waning part of his career. This is when he’s supposed to be relaxing on the bench and providing moral and coaching support to the young bucks, for a few million dollars a year.

Instead, Chris Paul led the Phoenix Suns to their first NBA Finals appearance in nearly 20 years, and his first Finals appearance ever.

How is that possible? How did Chris Paul, at 36, do something in his NBA career that he’d never done before? What’s his secret?


Chris Paul adopted a plant-based diet in 2019 to help fight back against Father Time. In 2020, he had one of the most impressive seasons of his career. In 2021, he followed that up by leading the Suns to the Finals in what many consider his best season ever.

And we’re not just speculating here. Paul credits his recent resurgence to going plant-based:

“Once you realize how different it makes your body feel, you want to keep going with it.”

The Growth of Plant-Based Diets

Chris Paul isn’t alone…

The roster of superstar athletes that are plant-based is long and impressive.

Tennis legend Novak Djokovic has been plant-based for over a decade. Boxing legend Mike Tyson was vegan throughout the 2010s. Women’s soccer star Alex Morgan is vegan. So is Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, NFL quarterback Cam Newton, pro surfer Tia Blanco, pro rock climber Steph Davis, and Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Hannah Teter.

In perhaps the most shocking twist, former bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger is plant-based now, too.

The list goes on and on. The point doesn’t change.

Professional athletes, for whom physical performance and health is of the utmost importance, are going plant-based. 

Maybe the rest of us should start listening…

Some of us are.

Plant-based food sales have been outpacing animal-based food sales by about 5X for several years now, with that gap only widening every year.

Some of us are pivoting to plant-based diets for the same performance and health reasons that Chris Paul made the switch…

Some of us are pivoting to save the environment, as farm animals produce more carbon emissions in Europe than cars…

Some of us a going vegan for animal welfare purposes…

Some of us are doing it to be “cool” …

There are a great many reasons why consumers are going plant-based, and that’s partly why this trend is so pervasive. It’s not just the “tree-huggers,” or the animal rights activists, or the super athletes, or the trendsetters who are going vegan.

It’s all of them. Combined.

And together, they are sparking a seismic shift toward plant-based diets that will permanently and significantly impact all of us.

It’s More Than a Fad

Because… you see… plant-based diets are the future.

They’re better for you. They’re better for the environment. They’re better for the cows. A switch to plant-based diets is a win-win-win for all involved parties.

If so, then why haven’t plant-based diets reached ubiquity yet?

Because of shortcomings related to taste, access, and cost – but these shortcomings are transient.

The underlying technology behind making plant-based meat will continue to advance significantly over the next few years. As it does, plant-based meat will inch closer to tasting and feeling just like animal-based meat.

Meanwhile, access to plant-based food is increasingly democratized as more and more grocery stores and fast-food chains feature plant food items in their stores and on their menus. All this increased supply and demand will lead to economies of scale, which will unlock significant cost-savings that are passed down to the consumer, ultimately driving plant food prices lower with time.

Folks… the headwinds are passing… the obstacles are being removed… the runway is clear for takeoff.

Plant-based diets will go from niche in 2021 to everywhere by 2030. As they do, plant food stocks will be some of the biggest winners on Wall Street this decade.

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